Monthly Archives: November 2012

Illustrating the missus

I did an illustration with my girlfriend as the subject and drew inspiration (ha!) for the black circles and the cutouts they form from some of Si Scott’s work, though its used there in typography. Used a wacom tablet to sketch and then the pen tool for those sweet sweet clean lines


How society strives

Similarly to much of my work – this is also quote-based, in a visual but arguably irrelevant way of expressing it. Its a simple experiment with typography in photoshop and an attempt at a “bokeh” effect, and depth between the background and foreground. Quote is by Donald Calne


Hang on boys, theres paper here. This is a quote from the book “Lovemarks” by Kevin Roberts. The image is part of a book I have in which the pages have been worked over with quotes and other concepts, vastly socio-political.

Fatyak T-shirt design - Male 2

This is heavily conceptual and would need adjustment – but is more an exploration of theme based on the Fatyak brand, hence the dripping effect. I think perhaps to work further into this the drips would extend downwards in a V-formation and to run into the edges of the silhouette more smoothly.