In much of a similar fashion to the “Restriction” test pieces I posted minutes before – this accompanies the A2 final projects I completed earlier this year and represents the manipulation of human free will in a sense, and thus are manifested in varying forms within these test pieces from the book shying away delicate, tell-all, private pages away from the cameras, to the road signs and numbers which must be obeyed in the center of the image, to the images representing instructions to be followed and paths to be taken at the end of the image. While few of these test images may not look especially similar or as comprehensive as the final piece to which they relate, I made good use of them as explorations of a concept and how it could be expressed in a visual form, which I used to inform the composition and content of my final piece.

Thanks for reading, and I believe this post will conclude my short series on the work I did at sixth-form!


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