First impressions: Making a splash

The concept of a splash page for the site is a simple one – provide the user with a “hub” of information to land on when they navigate to the site. The basic premise for my adaptation of whatever a conventional splash page may be by definition, is that it provides a place for me to showcase my best content, and any news or other information I feel may be worth the most to me by being displayed prominently, as well as providing an easy way for the user to quickly make judgments of me as a designer. So, the user benefits by having a hub of easy to decipher information, and I benefit by having a means to channel my best content, most likely to make a good impression, straight to the user, as well as having the ability to choose which of my pieces of work make the first impression on the user. The first impression made by showcasing my featured content is also not subtracted from by the presence of other web elements that may distract the user and viewing of the content; although conversely, should the page be intelligently designed, the user is also not hindered from reaching other pages easily.

Portrait displayLandscape display  Windows 8 "Snap" feature

Having fun with some showcase-type images, my apologies…

The current version of the page I have designed I feel achieves these goals well – all of the information displayed is accessible at a glance, as well as allowing the user to progress on through the site easily. The background image can easily be changed with use of CSS transitions and the design of the site does not hinder which images can be used due to the use of space in the composition, however there is space to display a footer with added information, information in the left-hand banner, or an RSS feed/other ticker elsewhere in the space. The page is responsive and will adapt suitably to different screen sizes and resolutions, as well as maintaining the aspect ratio of the linked boxes on the right which is important for the integrity of the design as a whole. I’ve tested the design on screen sizes ranging from 27″ to 11″ and will most likely develop a streamlined version for 4″ mobile devices, since due to the availability of free space on the screen, will most likely be made up of a different composition in order to not hinder the user. I’ve tested the site on a Surface RT tablet, various flavours of Mac OSX machines, and different resolutions of Windows 7 and 8 as well as on Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. I will talk more about the steps taken to make the splash page responsive to different form factors in next week’s post.

Landscape display leftLandscape display right


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