Nissan and the Oculus Rift

Came across this today – at the Tokyo Motor Show (would love to go to that…) Nissan were using the Oculus Rift in a manner which allowed consumers to design cars by using it – quite how exactly I’m not sure, because as far as I know you would still need a controller or another Human Interface device to interact with the 3D environment that was created for the show – reportedly including birds that fly towards the users head as an effective way of showing the user how it works, anybody who has used an Oculus would know they would be trying to dodge that. Much like myself watching explosions in 3D movies. 

The way the application worked, is the consumer begins with a chassis and then chooses parts to add onto it – simple enough that even the youngest of car fans could use it, however the fact it takes advantage of the universal fact of customisation means it will definitely apply to the older generation as well. Plus lets not forget the fact of it being a gimmick here – one with a lot of potential nonetheless in my opinion.

Its showing good signs for the Oculus that it has already been used in so many applications, and by big names like Nissan too, despite the fact it is still in the development stages. Related, in a sense, to the mock concept I posted regarding Bristol Zoo, its interesting to see the Oculus being used well in applications other than games. 

Nissan have also used some of the designs that were output by users to create their own refined designs and prototypes for potential future models, in the new theme of “co-development” with their customers that they seem to be following, to find out what the market wants.



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