Designing for design

Branding is an important part of any commercial venture, and it’s no different for an individual digital designer such as myself. I wanted to create a mark that was clean, was not over-complicated and thus could easily be replicated or changed into different forms to suit different environments, such as a social media icon format or in a header image.

I began by making some sketches on paper in order to get a quick idea of the designs that might have been possible – my one main criteria was to use my name or initials as the brand would be a personal, individual one due to its usage on a portfolio or blog such as this one. My main issue was the fact I had yet to develop a real personality in my work for which to base a logo around – which was the case in my “Fresh Tangerines” logo also on this blog, for example.


After making a few sketches and a few different Photoshop concept designs I submitted my most recent and slightly more polished ideas to a graphic design community on (/r/GraphicDesign) for some feedback. Heres what they had to say;

“I prefer the first one out of lot. Blurriness is the opposite of you want to identify yourself with although its different. Now that you know it works without color try doing the first one with different schemes. The circle could become boring, maybe come up with a custom shape behind your initials.” (, 2013)


“It’s very good. Just go with a clean vector shape for true design. Dressing it up is just a distraction.” (, 2013)


“Don’t use the circle, and keep the TH rounded like the first one.

Clean vectors take preference to ANY Photoshopped work when it comes to logos. Photoshop is only good when using it for a specific application (like if you themed your webpage or something).” (, 2013)

mjZnZaz - Imgur

“The reason is that the blurry ones simply look like low quality images and the circle design; the “high tech” lettering (?) is at odds with the organic semi circle element. They are both attractive in their own right but do not go well together.” (, 2013)

lwlyFQO - Imgur

I took on board the advice given and rendered the logo again into a much cleaner, and simple vector design that still has the opportunity to be made into a more complicated or themed design should it be necessary; also, at 1.19kb and with transparency in the PNG format, the logo is ideal for web usage – you can see the end result at the top of this blog.


Beginner logo design feedback, /r/GraphicDesign [online], 3rd October 2013. Available from: [10/12/2013]

5nSskrI - Imgur


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