Lev Manovich: Media-independent techniques.

Manovich argues that media has brought about an array of “media-independent techniques”.

        He identifies them as “searchability, findability, linkability”. Additionally to these, it could be argued that such an attribute as “shareability” could exist alongside these – sharing in the true sense, and both parties having access to the media at the same time – as opposed to sharing ownership or temporary ownership of it – such as lending a DVD to a friend. Digital media has created many situations wherein sharing is encouraged, made easy, and leaves both users with access simultaneously. One example instantly is the web itself – everyone can access it, as opposed to a library where if a book is taken, it can no longer be accessed. Media applications constantly feature elements of “shareability” – such as sharing a screen in remote desktop access, sharing a video on Youtube for many people to watch at once, and sharing a status update or photo upload on Facebook are three instances where “shareability” occurs in media. Digital media has a certain affordance making it easy to share – it can change ownership without removing the original, a common discourse in the debate of piracy being defined as theft.


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