From physical conception to digital reality – Small update #1

As part of the project I’m currently working on at university which involves the production of a website with 6 minutes of footage embedded somewhere within it, the brief states we must design and present a futuristic, fantasy concept. 

Myself, and the group I am working with (Alex Sisan, Daniel Burden, Sophie Dormer, and Lauren Button) have elected to go with a futuristic medicine type of theme involving treatments that change how your body responds to an environment – the concept behind the design for the logo as well.

My role for the project is mostly to design and produce any required art assets, including 3D models of follow-up medications which will be used to depict the treatments, in lieu of more advanced techniques that might otherwise be used to depict a hospital treatment.


To begin with I produced a few sketches of potential product labels after having received the first treatment idea from Dan. I had completed the logo a day prior to this, and aimed to keep the palette and general design rules similar between the logo and the packaging design, in order to maintain consistency. I used the same font that had been used in previous iterations of the logo (Bebas Neue) for most headings and titles, and I used Franklin Gothic (condensed) for the paragraphs and subtitles in order to provide differentiation in the composition; I produced these areas in an off-black colour too for the same reason. Designing the composition based on a loose “Rule of thirds” influence was suitable for this application as the label would wrap around the bottle and I felt a composition of a scrolling/panoramic style might provide continuity.



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