Physical conception to digital reality: Update #2

My second update on the process is mostly centered on modelling the bottle in CINEMA 4D as well as creating a suitable texture for the glass, and mapping my label.


The last sketch I produced before the modelling stage was only a quick one, and it served to provide a reference for which I could draw a path from in CINEMA 4D to obtain the shape of the bottle, however I later had to revise the sketch in order to get the thickness of the glass correct as well as avoid geometry errors when I extruded the spline in CINEMA 4D



After this I loaded the sketch into CINEMA 4D as a new texture and applied It to a vertical plane I could use as a reference. I drew a path around my sketch fixing any lines that weren’t quite vertical/horizontal (and should’ve been) as well as ensuring all curves were uniform. I doubled the spline back around in order to create thickness as I would be using Lathe NURBS to get the shape – I had tried making a Boolean subtraction from the inside of a block model but this did not work out as I had hoped.


Next, after modifying the angle of the spline with NURBS applied to correct the shape, I adjusted the subdivisions to 46 to create a smoother shape as well as allow the label to fit on correctly (as the plane I used for this was also with 46 subdivisions). I loaded and applied my label texture to the plane and adjusted necessary scales and rules in order to ensure a clean fit. I created the glass texture by activating a transparency channel in the material and changing the refraction to 1.52 (as that is the refraction index of glass) and mixing in a pale green in the transparency channel with a dull white in the main colour channel (but with the brightness set to 20%). For the specular highlight I reduced the falloff and increased the inner width to create a hard highlight since glass is hard, polished and shiny.


At this point in time I currently have a 3D model of a glass pill bottle, which now just requires fixing the shadows, lighting and environment in the scene as well as completing a plastic lid for the bottle, and potentially filling the bottle with pills. When finished I plan to make some simple animations for use as product images and filler clips in the videos we later produce. I hope to look at finishing the environment and model including fixing the shadows which are the current main issue, and then perhaps producing the renders fit for purpose.



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