Physical conception to digital reality: Update #3

It’s been a while, but in my last submission to this series I had just finished the basic geometry and most of the texturing for the bottle I had been tasked with producing, however having now finished the project completely (which can be viewed at I have been left with the perfect opportunity for a quick update on the end of production for my given role in the project.


I needed to create an environment which would provide some photorealism to the final render of the bottle, by incorporating some softer lighting, less reflections and surroundings that add to this atmosphere in themselves.

To begin with, I added a lightbox to the scene for the bottle to go inside of, as well as some overhead boxes that would serve to soften some of the light and create that soft approach I was looking for In the final renders. I played with the intensity and size of the various lights and shadows until satisfied, making low resolution test renders along the way to check my progress.


Making the lid was a relatively simple task that involved using poly-modelling on a primitive shape available from the CINEMA 4D library installed with the software, and extruding parts of the lid to create the shape seen on the final model. As a side note, this technique probably would not have been used in other applications such as games, and rather bump mapping or normal mapping would have been used instead, to simply represent the shape via texture rather than create the mesh itself – due to the necessity of real-time rendering required in a game. As it happens though, methods like this are acceptable for high quality renders or motion graphics designed only to be viewed, not interacted with in real time.


I used global illumination to light the scene and adjusted render settings accordingly until suitable. I set up a camera object to ensure the same angle was kept between renders and then repeated the process by changing the texture on the label between renders.



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