“Alphabet photography” – Taken with Lumia 820

One of our suggested design projects was a brief task involving creative photography in Bournemouth; looking for letter forms in man-made and natural scenes. I used my phone to take a selection of snapshots, as it could be argued the importance of the exercise lay not in the technical production value of the images, but the creativity involved in interpreting different subjects to look as though they are letters. The task helped greatly in terms of learning how to make creative use of the environment and how to shift how one views the opportunities around them in different ways, and utilise them as such in order to become relevant to the problem that needs to be solved. I am not planning to develop this exercise any further than I have in this post as I see it more of an exercise to assist how the given assets in a situation can be creatively utilised, for different purposes; and I have certainly benefitted from it in terms of how the mindset can be applied to various digital environments and disciplines.


WP_20140226_002 WP_20140226_003 WP_20140226_004 WP_20140226_005 WP_20140226_006 WP_20140226_007 WP_20140226_008 WP_20140226_009 WP_20140226_010 WP_20140226_011


I made a quick composition in Photoshop to illustrate the effect;



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