Timelapse Photography – Production #1

In response to the self-initiated design project brief, me and Suzanne Niccolls decided to collaborate on a short 2-day timelapse photography and subsequent image processing project. I was to be responsible for image processing while Suzanne was in charge of compositing the frames in Adobe Premiere. We checked online before leaving and the time of sunset was estimated to be at around 6:08pm. We arrived in time however a lack of proper planning meant our view of the sun was blocked by trees, as well as impaired by fog.


In an effort to solve this the next time we attempted a timelapse shoot we researched where the sun would be, as well as checking the weather in advance. Another issue was the camera being on auto mode, wherein it adjusted the shutter speed and aperture itself – based on how much light the light sensor was receiving. The result of this was the same amount of light in each photo, eventually over exposing the clouds.


We learned from these shortcomings however and applied our new-found knowledge in the next attempt – shooting sunrise the next morning. We continued the shoot however for the experience gained, and shot an image every minute for 30 minutes using the tripod.

The final video can be viewed on Suzanne’s YouTube account here:


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