Timelapse Photography – Production Attempt #2

We left for the beach at 6am, armed with a Canon 50D and a tripod. Having done some prior research we were under the impression that despite the thick layer of fog engulfing Bournemouth that the sun might diffuse through (MyKM5D, 2007) it and still provide material for a timelapse, albeit without the effect of the sunrise reflecting through the clouds (as there were none due to the smooth layer of fog). Upon arrival and waiting eagerly until 6:23am (the time estimated for sunrise in Bournemouth) we unfortunately found the sun was not visible, at all, nor any light emitted by it. We decided to walk to the end of the pier and attempt a timelapse of the tide instead, framed by a few jetties along the shore.


Considering the lack of sun and the abundance of grey fog, we changed our tactics and aimed for a much colder atmosphere with the shots of the sea. We achieved this by adjusting the white balance and colour temperature to a much cooler parameter, as well as using a longer shutter speed in order to give a “lazy”, smooth, blended type of appearance to the sea – a slow one, to accompany the dull grey colour overall. We incorporated the rule of thirds both vertically and horizontally using the pier as a subject. The fog produced a nice gradient as it blended with the horizon of the sea, contributing towards the “dreamy” effect of the image.

The final video can be viewed on Suzanne’s YouTube account here:


MyKM5D, Wunderground.com. 2014. Wunder Blog | Weather Underground. [online] Available at: http://www.wunderground.com/blog/MyKM5D/my-favorites-by-other-weather-u-members-july-2007 [Accessed: 25 Mar 2014].


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