2013 Animation Showreel

I set myself the task of creating a showreel for use on my portfolio website, as way to present my past animation work (as detailed in this post). As mentioned in the linked post, the motivation to create a showreel stemmed from the design problem of presenting my animation work, as the clips were typically shorter ones that did not work as intended when taken out of context; they were frequently intended for use in larger projects, and as such it could be argued they might appear disjointed if presented in the same way as my other illustrations and 2D/3D work.

Hence, I decided the requirements for my showreel would be as follows;

  • Present the clips in a fluid manner
  • Reflect the pace of the clips in the overall composition
  • Be a minimum of 30 seconds, but no more than a minute, for brevity
  • Include my name, and contact details

I began by importing all the clips I wanted to use into Premiere, and creating a title slide stating my name, and the intentions of the video. I added clips in an approximate formation along the timeline whilst trimming any irrelevant sections that might’ve been too long for the context, or sometimes due to a lack of action in that range of frames, since the video was meant to be concise, doing this matched the brief.

Once I had an approximate layout for the clips I imported an audio track (Rats are Dancing – Mindwatcher, courtesy of the Creative Commons licence) into Premiere and re-aligned clips in order to synchronise with the music. I keyframed some opacity fades in and out of clips, to black, in order to give the video a fluid feel. Finally I added an ending slide with contact details.

The final showreel can be viewed here


Mindwatcher. 2007. Rats are Dancing. Available at: http://www.jamendo.com/en/track/100244/rats-are-dancing [Accessed: 13 Mar 2014].


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