3D Modelling Task – Nokia Phone – Description of the task

I planned this task in order to provide myself with an original model in which I can practice various object visualization strategies, animation projects, and for general marketing/showcase practice.

The product that I modelled needed to facilitate different avenues down which I might be able to explore different strategies for marketing a product, represented through a 3D model, such as the possibility of adding a voiceover, showing various aspects of the product in a succinct manner, animated functions, screen transitions, changes in colour, and so forth. The model also needs to be reasonably adaptable – the screen texture and body colour on this one will be able to easily be changed. The model must be of high detail in order to be visually appealing in various applications for its use – since it’s being marketed after all. 


I acquired some reference materials in much format as I did for my Audi A3 model, and set them up in a scene ready to begin modelling. I considered before beginning the process how I might model each area based on my current knowledge of the software in order to prevent hitting a plateau, since I was under time pressure to complete a presentable final result. 


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