3D Modelling Task – Nokia Phone – Reflection and analysis

Having completed the model to a standard representative of the final iteration, I’ve gained experience heavily in terms of texturing in particular, as well as setting up an environment for photorealistic renders and marginally more advanced methods for making accurate models – particularly with editing and welding individual points and using the symmetry object.

In addition to the improvement of my technical knowledge of CINEMA 4D achieved through working on this project I have gained experience in workflows in the digital environment, and ways to minimise time spent on the logistics of rendering many versions of the same model with minor differences – as well as dealing with keeping track of which minor changes have been made in order to avoid repeating myself or making unnecessary or incorrect modifications. I did this mostly through keeping an accurate worklog throughout the production process which I edited as I worked, often while waiting for images to render. I feel I could integrate this process into other projects that I work on individually, as well as in collaboration with others in order to keep my workflow efficient and easy to understand, as well as helping myself to understand what changes need to be made, why they need to be made, which processes didn’t work and why – which helps me to learn more efficiently and make quick progress.

Future considerations for this specific project, should I continue with it, would be to add minor details to bring it up to a finished standard, as well as add in animations, of the mesh itself and of textures, as well as compositing with the help of After Effects – perhaps integrating the model into a real-world scene or adding a voiceover.

I’ve included a gallery at the bottom of this post containing images of the model in various stages of the production process, Thanks for reading!

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