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Work I’ve done for a local kayak-manufacture company

“Flatyak” Concept Designs

Concept designs for a snow/bodyboard in the "Fatyak" kayak theme

Concept designs for a snow/bodyboard combination in awareness of the “Fatyak” kayak brand theme – I completed this as part of a college project in partnership with a local kayak manufacture firm I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog (Ocean Mouldings). At this stage in my experience this was probably one of the more challenging models I completed though still used basic techniques – it was a primitive question of how to put them together as they each achieve different outcomes. I used a blend of Loft Nurbs, Boole subtractions and Hyper Nurbs for the main model with simple duplication for the padding making sure to include a clear differentiation between the matte and gloss textures. As previously mentioned I used the same technique of global illumination with a HDRI probe as I had done in previous models.

Concept designs for a snow/bodyboard in the "Fatyak" kayak theme


Fatyak T-shirt design - Male 2

This is heavily conceptual and would need adjustment – but is more an exploration of theme based on the Fatyak brand, hence the dripping effect. I think perhaps to work further into this the drips would extend downwards in a V-formation and to run into the edges of the silhouette more smoothly.

Fatyak T-shirt design - Male

The prime male concept design as of current – again for Fatyak. Out of the 4 concepts i’ve uploaded here I would call this one my favourite, and most appropriate to the brand mainly due to the beach-themed, “sandy” colours and the inclusion of type, while typography is something i’m very keen on anyway i think it perhaps demands interest and observation.

Fatyak T-shirt Design - Female 2

Another conceptual female t-shirt design for Fatyak – this one is more of a mirror of the male design with the change in background. The flower I painted from scratch using a tablet and a few layers though made the mistake of using dark colours that could not be rectified through changing the opacity. So the price has been paid of a slightly obtrusive background.

Fatyak T-shirt design - Female

A few T-shirt designs for a local kayak manufacturing firm; this is one of the female designs I created in photoshop trying to look at colours and composition – hence a lack of original strokes and an emphasis on layer blending, stock shapes and colour. Click-through in image.