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Work undertaken for a gaming project I was involved in.

Fresh Tangerines – Logo Design



So having spent 3 months here in sunny Bournemouth now, it only seemed fateful I might meet a group of like-minded creative souls and wind up in a Youtube gaming channel collaboration. Having volunteered to do a logo and set of channel art assets, I realised I needed to create something less serious, more light-hearted yet in no way ambiguous in its representation of the channel ethos as a whole.

I began by thinking of what the logo needed to represent, obviously the logo and assets that will stem from it in the future will be the face of the group in essence, and I made some consideration for what the channel was all about in order to devise a mental design brief I could follow through the design process. I thought it needed to have the personality of being “fresh” and/or “new” – thinking of the concept of routine user-created content delivery as a likeness of fresh fruit and vegetables being delivered to a market stall every morning. In light of this I ensured adhesion of the design to bright colours, positive and uplifting type and graphics with minimal noise in the communication to give a sense of honesty and minimise the ideas of obstruction and obscurity.

I ran into some pragmatic issues with the design itself during its conceptualisation – as you can see from the earlier incarnations of the idea it was difficult getting the text to fit into the composition without looking out of place, or having it contribute to awkward empty space. As you might also see from the design stages, I continued to experiment with the use of colour and the potential for gradients alongside this, which had the benefit of allowing me to see if the subtraction and addition of  colour and background features like the gradient and splat offered any leeway with the text. Alas, it did not.

A friend and fellow channel member suggested the idea of a headset instead of headphones during the process in which I was getting feedback from the other members; it was here that I realised not only would it reinforce what the logo represents (a gaming channel), but it would also free up some space in the most important part of the composition, allowing the text to fit in a more aesthetically pleasing way, balancing the composition with the direction in which the stalk pointed as well as shifting the text from being dead centre in a division of thirds.

Having solved most major issues with the design, I finalised the colour scheme and how background features would be used, and was able to concentrate on making the text readable, whilst remaining in line with the composition of colour in the design. I decided on using a white stroke for the text in the final rendition of the logo as I felt it balanced out the space around the text nicely considering the logo would most likely be often used on a white background, as well as adding a third small colour accent to the scheme without becoming too busy in doing so. 

The logo affords itself well to replication for the use of other art assets which me and another channel member have already briefly explored, due to a lack of gradients that fade out completely to the background, the possibility to restrict the design to just a shape and text for legibility, or even just to text – still being recognisable in and out of context. For example, expansion into a banner, header, small icon, or animated splash screen/video would be easy to achieve in the majority of cases with nothing more than the simple movement and resizing of layers.

Thanks a bunch for reading, as usual let me know how I did if you fancy, or leave a comment!