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Summer Round-up

As some may have noticed – its been a while since I last updated this blog! I’ve been working on final assignments and projects for university in amongst some well needed time off and to be frank, its been a fantastic first year. I’ve developed a lot personally and professionally and I couldn’t have asked for a more valuable experience!

So, to summarise some recent projects;

Channel 4 Comedy Project – “The Pundit”

Working alongside Channel 4’s “Comedy Blaps” series we were set the brief to create a short series of comedy episodes, including an audio-only sketch. In addition to the produced material we also had to create a website with the purpose of facilitating expansion of the concept across different platforms, and adding extra content to the idea.

ImageThe story revolves around an underdog commentator, Barry “Baz” Stead and his girlfriend Charlotte, and was propelled by Barry’s unorthodox and renegade style of commentary of which he was blissfully unaware of as the reason for his failure at making it to a commentary career. The final production can be viewed on my website HERE


VIBE Network

Over the course of the year of which I have been working with Declan Barry from FMHVIBE, I’ve collaborated on a couple of projects with him and continue to do so as the site expands, with over 25,000 members registered currently.

Earlier in the year I collaborated with Dec on a new facelift for the site as it continues to grow by developing a branding scheme and subsequent logotypes that allow for the addition of new games as they become supported by the community. Through doing this I had to pay careful attention to the wide variety of applications that the style would be used in – as a header image, as icons in the forums, on t-shirts and other merchandise as well as other digital and physical formats of varying size. If you so wish, more can be read about my work on this project HERE

ImageIn addition to re-branding the site I was asked to help with the creation of some graphics suitable for a set of World Cup themed T-shirts, as merchandise for the brand to be sold to fans. I gladly obliged and designed a set of assets and a concept, which I then left to Dec to arrange as he wished to comply with printing guidelines. I created assets which facilitated easy manipulation in terms of adding country flags and other text. The final selection can be seen HERE



In the pipeline…

As would be expected with some free time on my hands over summer now, I have a few things in the pipeline and they’re heading in the direction of this blog!

“SeaBorn” – Chivalry Mapping Competition

My good friend, associate, partner in crime, and general homie George Hulm (and our trusty parade of geeks) have entered a Torn Banner’s “Fortification” mapping competition, and I’ve been asked just today to create a set of graphics to showcase the entry in the Steam workshop. More on this as it pans out…

Under 9’s Football!

I’m back from Bournemouth for the summer, and much to my horror, the local Under 9’s Football team is lacking in participants! I’ve been tasked with creating a poster to try and attract some new applicants, and hopefully get the ball rolling once again.

Learning Guitar; – The chronicles of…

In other news, I’m going to try and learn guitar over summer, we will see how that goes…


“Flatyak” Concept Designs

Concept designs for a snow/bodyboard in the "Fatyak" kayak theme

Concept designs for a snow/bodyboard combination in awareness of the “Fatyak” kayak brand theme – I completed this as part of a college project in partnership with a local kayak manufacture firm I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog (Ocean Mouldings). At this stage in my experience this was probably one of the more challenging models I completed though still used basic techniques – it was a primitive question of how to put them together as they each achieve different outcomes. I used a blend of Loft Nurbs, Boole subtractions and Hyper Nurbs for the main model with simple duplication for the padding making sure to include a clear differentiation between the matte and gloss textures. As previously mentioned I used the same technique of global illumination with a HDRI probe as I had done in previous models.

Concept designs for a snow/bodyboard in the "Fatyak" kayak theme

Global Illumination and Boole Arrays in Cinema 4D

Exploring how Boole modelling can work in arrays with Cinema 4D

Exploring how Boole modelling can work in arrays with Cinema 4D. Used Lathe Nurbs to model the wheel and then a Boole shape set up in an array to create the (albeit approximate) spoke holes. Used 2 soft omni-directional lights for the environment which helped also to bring out the reflections in the textures on the rims.

Experimenting with texture sizing and manipulation, and global illumination environments in Cinema 4D

Experimenting with texture sizing and manipulation, and global illumination environments in Cinema 4D – GI environments seem to offer very accurate atmospheres in environments and reflections – especially when a pre-made HDRI probe is used. I used the Kitchen one found here

Basic Modelling in Cinema 4D – Basic environments and models.

Again, simple environments in Cinema 4D. This is some of my earlier work.

Very simple environments in Cinema 4D. This is some of my earlier work; I used the stock sky box and the hair function in place of grass, with primitive shapes for the northshore structure to the right. If I were to improve this I would use a higher resolution dirt texture perhaps with a bump map and more attention to detail on the wooden structure.

Basic modelling in Cinema 4D using Loft Nurbs

Basic modelling in Cinema 4D using Loft Nurbs, and trying to recreate a realistic wood texture using bump maps. For the environment I just used a smooth white floor with a single soft spotlight, and soft shadows.

Experimenting with creating water-based environments in Cinema 4D

Experimenting with water environments in Cinema 4D – however this one is not animated and has no real physics in the original file – its just aesthetic. I used a stock sky box and again, the hair function for grass with considerable frizz. As an improvement I would have re-sized and mapped the rock texture used as it can be seen underneath the surface of the water that it has just stretched downwards.