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Summer Round-up

As some may have noticed – its been a while since I last updated this blog! I’ve been working on final assignments and projects for university in amongst some well needed time off and to be frank, its been a fantastic first year. I’ve developed a lot personally and professionally and I couldn’t have asked for a more valuable experience!

So, to summarise some recent projects;

Channel 4 Comedy Project – “The Pundit”

Working alongside Channel 4’s “Comedy Blaps” series we were set the brief to create a short series of comedy episodes, including an audio-only sketch. In addition to the produced material we also had to create a website with the purpose of facilitating expansion of the concept across different platforms, and adding extra content to the idea.

ImageThe story revolves around an underdog commentator, Barry “Baz” Stead and his girlfriend Charlotte, and was propelled by Barry’s unorthodox and renegade style of commentary of which he was blissfully unaware of as the reason for his failure at making it to a commentary career. The final production can be viewed on my website HERE


VIBE Network

Over the course of the year of which I have been working with Declan Barry from FMHVIBE, I’ve collaborated on a couple of projects with him and continue to do so as the site expands, with over 25,000 members registered currently.

Earlier in the year I collaborated with Dec on a new facelift for the site as it continues to grow by developing a branding scheme and subsequent logotypes that allow for the addition of new games as they become supported by the community. Through doing this I had to pay careful attention to the wide variety of applications that the style would be used in – as a header image, as icons in the forums, on t-shirts and other merchandise as well as other digital and physical formats of varying size. If you so wish, more can be read about my work on this project HERE

ImageIn addition to re-branding the site I was asked to help with the creation of some graphics suitable for a set of World Cup themed T-shirts, as merchandise for the brand to be sold to fans. I gladly obliged and designed a set of assets and a concept, which I then left to Dec to arrange as he wished to comply with printing guidelines. I created assets which facilitated easy manipulation in terms of adding country flags and other text. The final selection can be seen HERE



In the pipeline…

As would be expected with some free time on my hands over summer now, I have a few things in the pipeline and they’re heading in the direction of this blog!

“SeaBorn” – Chivalry Mapping Competition

My good friend, associate, partner in crime, and general homie George Hulm (and our trusty parade of geeks) have entered a Torn Banner’s “Fortification” mapping competition, and I’ve been asked just today to create a set of graphics to showcase the entry in the Steam workshop. More on this as it pans out…

Under 9’s Football!

I’m back from Bournemouth for the summer, and much to my horror, the local Under 9’s Football team is lacking in participants! I’ve been tasked with creating a poster to try and attract some new applicants, and hopefully get the ball rolling once again.

Learning Guitar; – The chronicles of…

In other news, I’m going to try and learn guitar over summer, we will see how that goes…


A2 Fine Art - Finals

Now that I’ve settled into (and got my place) at Bournemouth University I considered it may be more apt to post some of the things that I devoted most of my effort to at college, whilst I was working on this blog with content that was more relevant to Digital Media. In as little of the “pretentious art student” stereotype that I can possibly manage, I’m going to write about my intentions and innermost thoughts on these two projects.

For my last two units of my A2 course I had to complete one coursework project and one exam project, the two of which I selected a collage-style execution as I felt I could best express my way of working and explore compositional features this way, which ends up as a great way to show my concept. Themes must be selected for both, so after initial brainstorming for the coursework (top of the image) project and initially looking at human emotions, commercial influence in society and the reason people desire to do things I arrived at the evolved concept of social control through external stimuli; a way in which people can be influenced to change their “path”, or their behaviour, and act differently as a result of acknowledging something external. In this context I looked at road signs, traffic lights, colours and shapes as means of controlling people – as well as commercial features such as large signs in the high street emblazoned with “EAT” or “CASH”, or “WIN” for example. The project painfully dragged out, ending in a significant evolution, from looking at emotions (from which spawned the “Emotion/Reason” piece I earlier posted with no explanation, sorry for this reader!) to a more cliché socio-political “humans are killing the earth” type of project in which I looked at more tasteful and provocative renditions of this idea in Enter Shikari’s music, and the work of Banksy among similar artists. After kicking myself for trying to approach such a level of sincerity with the only purpose of using it in an art form, I found solace in the social control idea, with which I connected much more. The final piece resulting from this was heavily influenced by the work of Neasden Control Centre, http://neasdencontrolcentre.com/ which I honestly recommend looking at if their kind of work tickles your pickle. They have published two (to my knowledge) great books which I worshipped for my A2 year and have no regrets about doing so. I tried to follow a solid sense of composition working in features relevant to the concept, such as traffic lights and CCTV which I have attempted to place and incorporate in such a way to control the composition – coupled with short buzzwords such as “filter” and “end”. The piece was made up of ink, bleach, acrylic paint, pencil, masking tape, and completed on a modified A0 bored to accomodate the wide-screen nature of the composition.

The bottom image-in-the-image is the result of my exam unit in which I was presented with a list of ambiguous words/themes such as “storytelling”, “concealed” and “taped/tied/bound”. I’ll assume its not easy to tell which one I went with so i’ll give the game away by saying about how I chose “taped/tied/bound” as this wasnt for any moral motivation to explore as such, like the first piece, but as I felt It offered significant opportunity to explore the ambiguity of the phrase and I felt as though, again, it offered a good chance to be specific with composition, compared to “storytelling” for example. I specified in more detail – looking at the binding of something designed to move originally, natural and man-made which I represented in the final piece by the restriction of the human hand and the spring in particular. I attempted to employ a specific visual culture of restriction and blocking throughout the piece put in place by many chains, ropes, cross marks, and generally unclear distortion of otherwise clear assets. Again, similar to my other piece featured in this post I attempted to stick to a general colour scheme, vastly two-tone to keep a moderate expression.

Thanks for reading, and If you did read the whole thing I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know via email or via comment if you have any suggestions for improvement!